Lisa Stone is a candidate
for Village of Buffalo Grove Trustee
in the April 7, 2009 election.

What Lisa will do

  • Lisa will ensure an effective Village budget in these times of economic uncertainty.
  • Lisa will fight to keep deadly drugs out of our schools and out of our village.
  • Lisa will work to build a cohesive community environment to bring our village together.

At the campaign rally (l to r): David Stolman, Buffalo Grove Mayor Elliott Hartstein, Lisa Stone, Brian Rubin.

Honorary Campaign Chairmen

Sidney Mathias, State Representative and former two-term Buffalo Grove Mayor

David Stolman, five-term Lake County Commissioner

Campaign Chairman

Brian Rubin, retiring three-term Buffalo Grove Village Trustee

Also endorsed by

Scott Jacobson, Buffalo Grove Park District Commissioner

Why Lisa Stone?

Lisa was endorsed by the Daily Herald on March 19:

"Stone, a tenacious, high-energy leader, would bring a refreshing new perspective and has the potential to be exceptional."

Daily Herald

Lisa spearheaded the effort that led to the enactment of Buffalo Grove's safety ordinance requiring tighter restrictions on pit bulls and rottweilers. (See video below.) Lisa Stone did it!

Lisa was instrumental in having a STOP sign erected at a dangerous corner when everyone said it could not be done. Lisa Stone did it!

Lisa spoke up about harmful pesticide spraying in our community and did not stop until action was taken. Lisa Stone did it!

We need a mother on the Village Board, who has raised, and is raising, her children in the community. Lisa Stone is that woman!

Lisa spearheaded a blood/platelet drive for a friend in serious need. Lisa Stone did it!

Lisa spoke up about noise pollution and did not stop until action was taken. Lisa Stone did it!

We need a Trustee who will work cooperatively, and as a partner with adjoining communities, with the Buffalo Grove Park District, and with the School Districts for the common good of our community, for the common good of our residents. Lisa Stone will do it!

We need a person who will listen to the residents of the community. Lisa Stone will do it!

We need a person who will watch the Village budget in these tough economic times, and not further burden the taxpayers. Lisa Stone will do it!

Lisa has made an impact
on a national level

"Since it often seems people seek political office driven by their own ambition, it's both uncommon and refreshing when a person such as Lisa Stone enters the public arena. She is a person of genuine character, and driven not by ambition, but by a simple desire to make a difference in her hometown. As an advocate for controlling vicious dogs, Lisa made a great difference in our community, and our city is a safer place due to her efforts. You could not find a more caring and passionate person to represent you, and I look forward to hearing news of the great things she does for Buffalo Grove."

Brent Hoffman
City Council, Sioux City, IA


Lisa Stone debating killer dogs on MSNBC.

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Early Voting

Early voting for the April 7, 2009
election is from March 16, 2009
through April 2, 2009.

Cook County
Wheeling Township Building
1616 N. Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights, IL
Call: (847) 259-7730

Lake County
Vernon Township Building
3050 N. Main Street
Buffalo Grove, IL
Call: (847) 634-4600

Please vote early!



More Video

Buffalo Grove Mayor Elliot Hartstein
shares some thoughts about Lisa at her
campaign rally.